An Email List. Why?

I made an email list.


Because, consider the following situation.

MOM: So, what’s up Chris?
ME: Didn’t you see my 238795 facebook and instagram and twitter posts?

MOM: I don’t look at that garbage and neither should you.
ME: Good point… I just wish there was some other way to update multiple people at once on all the important goings on in my life…

Look. I like social media ok. I don’t think it’s the devil, necessarily.

But I have trouble moderating my social media intake. Me on facebook for a quick post is like an alcoholic that walks into a bar for a nightcap. In other words, things don’t go as planned.

I like being social, and I like sharing things with a large audience. From articles I publish, to books, to little scribbles I made in my notebook back in 2008 that I just happened to come across the other day while cleaning my office.

So I’m going to try this email list thing out and see how it goes. The idea is to use it as a way to share things. Not to start debates about hot-button topics that invariably devolve into the kind of fodder that trolls dream of at night (if they dream at all).

Your time and attention are precious. I believe that with every ounce of my being. So, if you sign up for this list, I promise I will do my best not to deliver garbage to your inbox. And if I ever do (or if you ever feel like I do) then by all means, just click the little unsubscribe button that will be at the bottom of every email I ever send.

Sound good?

Cool. If you’re interested, just go to the Home Page of, scroll to the bottom, and sign up.

Talk soon,