I Ate Acid and Lost My Mind


I ate acid and lost my mind
in the night trying to find
dreams behind my eyes.
there were skulls and crossbones
and an old turtle’s shell.
a box full of memories.
what I found was restlessness -
tired mindless wandering.
there was no solace in that
but it was a full moon out.
and somehow that
made it all alright.

I ate acid and lost my eyes
in the sky trying to find
sleep in the night.
there was a satellite,
some stars, the moon.
a river and the sound of crickets.
everything else was silence.
my breathing alone kept me awake.
my thoughts were more than I could...

I ate acid in the night.
I mean the day. it was the day time,
wasn’t it? guys? guys?
now I’m doing alright.
things are quieting down, now.
I’ve eddied out here, to the side.
we built a fire to stay warm.
all pops, crackles and sighs.
the smell is juniper, sage, and pine.

I dreamt acid was a sleeping dream
that shot like fire across the sky
and brought light through the night to my mind’s eye.
seriously, no joke.
that shit was off the hook.
but it wasn’t the acid.
there really was a shooting star.
and I think it’s true that somewhere
there always is.