When I graduated from college in 2007, I never could have guessed (or dreamed) where life might take me. Since then my passions for writing, climbing, and travel have steered me down more winding and narrow paths than I can recall: Hitchhiking and trainhopping around the American West, down perilous mountain roads in India and Morocco, through the chaotic city streets of Shenzhen and Bangkok, and amid the untamed wilderness of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.   

As my craft continues to develop and evolve, I repeatedly discover that there is still room to grow. I try my best to bring that knowledge into all aspects of life. Whether it is a piece of copy for a client's website, an article for a magazine, or an unclimbed wall of gleaming granite, my credo is the same. Hard work, patience, and dedication will see you through.

2007 - 2013

  • Graduated: St. Mary's College of Maryland, Cum Laude
  • Print: Climbing, Alpinist
  • Trail Crew: Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Climbing Ranger: Mount Rainier National Park
  • Travel: China, Thailand, Morocco, Chile, Argentina


  • Print: Alpinist, Ascent, American Alpine Journal, Climb, Climbing, Up.St.Art
  • Digital: Black Diamond, Outdoor Research, Switchback Travel
  • Podcast: Dirtbag Diaries
  • Slideshow: tours in Pacific Northwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions
  • Rakkup Guidebook: Index Town Walls
  • BlogFringe's Folly
  • Intern: Alpinist Magazine
  • Backcountry Ranger: Sequoia National Park
  • Consulting: Behavior Gap, Uphill Athlete
  • Editing: American Alpine Journal
  • Workshop: Mountain and Wilderness Writing Workshop at The Banff Centre, in Alberta, Canada


“When people did not respond to my job description with misgivings, they tended to idealize it. I suppose I did, as well. Of course, the law of averages always wins. Was it the most beautiful place I’ve ever spent a summer? Probably. Did I catch more incredible sunsets in a single season than many city-dwellers catch in a lifetime? Likely. But did I also get lonely, doubt my course in life, go a little stir-crazy, keep a mouse in my pocket for a short time, name a family of marmots that lived nearby, and write some of the wildest, weirdest, most experimental . . .  stuff . . . I’ve ever written, as my brain reeled from seclusion, isolation, and sensory deprivation? Definitely, yes.”
- Into the Wild
Up.St.Art Magazine, Summer 2016.