When I graduated from college in 2007, I never could have guessed (or dreamed) where life might take me. Since then, my passions for writing, climbing, and travel have steered me down more winding and narrow paths than I can recall: hitchhiking and trainhopping around the American West; along perilous mountain roads in India and Morocco; through the chaotic city streets of Shenzhen and Bangkok; and amid the untamed wilderness of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.   

As my craft continues to develop and evolve, I repeatedly discover that there is always room to grow. I try my best to bring that knowledge into all aspects of life. Whether it is a piece of copy for a client's website, an article for a magazine, or an unclimbed wall of gleaming granite—my credo is the same. Hard work, patience, and dedication; that will see you through.

2007 - 2013

  • Graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland, Cum Laude
  • First Print Articles: Climbing, Alpinist, and Rock and Ice magazines
  • Trail Crew, Rocky Mountain National Park; Climbing Ranger, Mount Rainier National Park
  • Expeditions to Asia, Africa, and South America
  • Writing and editing for Switchback Travel


  • Print: Alpinist, Ascent, American Alpine Journal
  • Digital: Black Diamond, Outdoor Research, Subaru Adventure Team Blog
  • Podcast: Dirtbag Diaries
  • Slideshow tours in Pacific Northwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions
  • Rakkup Guidebook: Index Town Walls
  • Started Fringe's Folly


  • Print Feature: Climb Magazine (UK)
  • Print: Alpinist, Up.St.Art Magazines
  • Backcountry ranger, Sequoia National Park
  • Interned at Alpinist Magazine in Vermont
  • Consulting: Behavior Gap
  • Fringe's Folly quoted in NY Times Op Ed


  • Digital: Adventure Journal, Outdoor Research, Wild Bounds, Alpinist
  • Print: Rock and Ice, Alpinist, Climbing Magazine
  • Consulting: Uphill Athlete
  • Guidebook: Index Guidebook with Sharp End Publishing (print date: Summer 2017)
  • Editing: American Alpine Journal
  • Mountain and Wilderness Writing Workshop at The Banff Centre, in Alberta, Canada
  • ...Stay Tuned!

“When people did not respond to my job description with misgivings, they tended to idealize it. I suppose I did, as well. Of course, the law of averages always wins. Was it the most beautiful place I’ve ever spent a summer? Probably. Did I catch more incredible sunsets in a single season than many city-dwellers catch in a lifetime? Likely. But did I also get lonely, doubt my course in life, go a little stir-crazy, keep a mouse in my pocket for a short time, name a family of marmots that lived nearby, and write some of the wildest, weirdest, most experimental . . .  stuff . . . I’ve ever written, as my brain reeled from seclusion, isolation, and sensory deprivation? Definitely, yes.”
- Into the Wild
Up.St.Art Magazine, Summer 2016.